Long Term Scaffold Hire

Are you looking for long-term scaffolding hire in Uckfield? Look no further than Ace Scaffolding Uckfield! Ace Scaffolding is among Uckfield’s premier scaffolding companies. We provide scaffolding solutions to clients all over Uckfield, including long-term hire services for various building projects. At Ace Scaffolding Uckfield, there is no project that is too complex for our scaffolding experts. We have installed scaffolding systems for several projects in Uckfield from domestic renovations to big construction projects.


We are registered with the local authority in Uckfield as scaffolding contractors. Over the years, we have served a wide range of satisfied customers in the industrial, domestic, and commercial sectors in Uckfield.

Commercial Scaffolding Services

The scaffolding experts at Ace Scaffolding Uckfield can handle even the most complex projects on commercial properties. Our customised access scaffolding solutions can be used on any type of ground.

We can adjust our service delivery to your schedule to minimise disruption to your daily activities. Our scaffolders are happy to work after hours or even on weekends. Ace Scaffolding can supply premium scaffolding solutions for your next commercial project in Uckfield.

Domestic scaffolding services

At Ace Scaffolding, we can supply scaffolding solutions customised to the exact specifications of any domestic project. If you need scaffolding for hire for domestic renovations, you can rely on Ace Scaffolding to provide a quality service. All the scaffolding equipment we use on our projects are handled by our professional scaffolding team.

When you choose Ace Scaffolding, you get expert solutions from seasoned scaffolders who have been providing quality systems for years. We guarantee the quality of our scaffolding systems and aim for 100% satisfaction on your project. We complete installation work under relevant health and safety guidelines because we value your safety. Reach out to us today!

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Industrial scaffolding services

Ace Scaffolding Uckfield has the experience to provide safe and durable scaffolding structures for use on industrial projects.

We have done extensive work on industrial projects including completing steel scaffolding structures for construction work on power stations. We have also worked with some of the U.K.’s top companies, providing them with the access solution they request for.

We use expert scaffolders who have the experience to install safe scaffolding structures on industrial sites. We carry out the installation following scaffolding health and safety regulations, making us a great choice for your next industrial project.

Scaffolding types

Access Scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding Uckfield delivers a wide range of scaffolding equipment and access solutions for different projects. We customise our access platforms and towers to fit the unique specifications of the worksite it will be installed on. We can supply non-conductive towers if needed.

Decorating Access

We supply decorative access scaffolding structures designed to offer better access for decoration, painting, or general renovation work at heights. With years of scaffolding supply and installation experience under our belt, we deliver quality every time. Ace Scaffolding creates creative designs and work solutions for any project. Our stellar track record in the scaffolding industry is as a result of our commitment to exceptional customer service.

Internal Scaffolding

Internal scaffolding is crucial for projects that require access to areas where a ladder will be impractical. To manage the fall risk of working at heights, we use safety applications to protect the servicemen while they work, including birdcages. You can count on our scaffolders to complete installation work for internal scaffolding on even the most complex worksites. To guarantee safety, we use fit-for-purpose vehicles to deliver premium scaffolding materials.

Support Scaffolds

Ace Scaffolding Uckfield can supply safe support scaffold systems, providing safe access for tradesmen to work and use equipment at heights.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction

Weather proofing

Ace Scaffolding Uckfield boasts the required equipment to weather-proof any worksites. Using our custom shrink-wrapping system, we can make sure adverse weather is never an issue.

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Temporary roofs

Temporary roofs are erected to protect equipment and a building structure from the effects of the weather. Our temporary roofing options are designed to suit a wide range of worksites. We can erect temporary roofs for any project type, our expertise covers everything from small structures for minor renovations to larger systems for new construction work. We ensure that our temporary roofs are constructed following the health and safety legislation of the scaffolding industry. Our temporary roof systems don’t weigh a ton, this means less pressure on the existing structure and a large coverage area.

Suspended Scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding Uckfield only delivers quality suspended scaffolding that is safe for use on all projects. The suspended scaffolding systems we provide are delivered by our highly skilled and fully trained in-house scaffolders. At Ace Scaffolding Uckfield, we use premium scaffolding equipment to create safe working platforms for completing work at heights. With their years of experience and training on advanced techniques, our scaffolding experts can match your project with the perfect scaffold system.

Scaffolding Dismantling and Erection

We can install and disassemble scaffolding systems for projects all over Uckfield. Our scaffolders have over 50 years of combined experience, holding CISRS qualifications and CITB registrations.

Scaffolding Design

We are expert design consultants at Ace Scaffolding Uckfield. We have completed scaffolding design projects for a host of clients in Uckfield. Our scaffolders demonstrate a level of professionalism that can only be gotten from years of experience and training; helping you achieve the best scaffolding results for your project. We offer design-related advice on scaffolding, detailed working drawings with calculations, and site inspections, including design checks for compliance with BS5975.

Access Platforms and Hoists

If you need access platforms and hoist equipment, or even cherry pickers, for hire in Uckfield, Ace Scaffolding is a safe bet. We can supply quality construction hoists for moving materials and personnel quickly and safely. Our fleet of cherry pickers includes tracked and truck-mounted access platforms, spider platforms, boom lifts, and scissor lifts. We get our materials and equipment from leading manufacturers such as Ragno, Teupen, Multitel, Wumag, Niftylift, Skyjack, and Haulotte.

Why Choose Ace Scaffolding Uckfield?


Our 10 years of scaffolding experience in Uckfield means we are in a prime position to deliver the ideal scaffolding solutions for your project requirements anywhere in the area. We have provided effective scaffolding solutions against even the steepest odds, which make us capable of completing scaffolding projects of any difficulty.

Excellent Service

From the moment you schedule a consultation, to when we dismantle the scaffolding solution at your site, the quality of service you get will be excellent.

Quality Scaffolding

As a reputable scaffolding contractor in Uckfield, we make sure we deliver quality on scaffolding projects through our scaffolding experts who use the latest techniques and equipment to supply innovative access solutions across the industrial, commercial, and domestic sectors.

Competitive Prices

We have supplied expert scaffolding solutions to contractors and homeowners across Uckfield in the past 10 years. We have managed to build a reputation for offering competitive pricing without compromising quality. Ace Scaffolding is committed to providing excellent services that work with your budget.


For you to get the best out of your scaffold system, you need to have the support of an experienced team. Ace Scaffolding will not abandon your scaffolding once it has been installed. We remain committed to your project, no matter how long it lasts. We provide support services including periodic inspections to help you keep the scaffolding system in good condition throughout the project.


We provide scaffolding services which provide a safe work environment for your project. We appreciate the importance of health and safety regulations, this is why we never compromise on safety guidelines, regardless of the project’s requirements. As a business, we keep up with the scaffolding industry best practices and ensure our team members stay up-to-date with all health and safety regulations.

Safety Standards

Ace Scaffolding Uckfield’s scaffolders have CITB and CISRS training. We aim for excellence with a high level of professionalism on all our projects. We use modern equipment and techniques to get the best out of our scaffolding systems.

Health and safety

We place a high priority on health and safety at Ace Scaffolding Uckfield; we believe our clients deserve quality scaffolding solutions that comply with safety legislation. At Ace Scaffolding Uckfield, we aim to provide industry-standard scaffolding services, with an emphasis on health and safety, for all our clients. We are proud to report that we’ve had no health and safety incidents or accidents in all our years of working as scaffolding contractors. We owe this feat to the high level of professionalism and attention to details our scaffolders display on the job. We have an in-house health and safety officer who oversees all property development projects and ensures they meet our standards.

Work Height

We ensure the scaffolding system is correctly situated and reaches the right height; this helps to prevent damage to the main building. Our scaffolders are mandated to undergo regular health and safety training, although they are all CISRS registered and always work within the 2005 work at height regulations. We leave nothing to chance.

Public Liability

We own our equipment outright, and we maintain them to the highest standard to ensure quality results on our scaffolding work. We have insurance worth MONEYXXX against public liability claims.

Scaffolding Collection and Delivery

Ace Scaffolding Uckfield has 10 years of delivering scaffolding solutions in Uckfield, which means we can bring our innovative solutions to your doorstep wherever you are in the area. We offer prompt installation and dismantling services.

Get in Touch Today

Our friendly and trustworthy services are just a call or email away. Call us on 01825 290 004“>01323315033 or send an email to info@acescaffolding-uckfield.co.uk today to set a date for a free site visit. We can give you a free no-obligation cost estimate for your project. Our scaffolders are always willing to provide support to ensure that you get the very best service throughout your project. We look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to hire scaffolding?
Yes, scaffolding systems are available for hire. Decorators and roofers will often provide their own equipment for projects; however, their provisions may not offer the flexibility that your project requires. In such situations, you will need to get scaffolding.
How long does it take to have scaffolding erected?
It depends on the type of scaffolding being installed. Installation could last anywhere from 2 – 48 hours.
How much does it cost to rent scaffolding?
Rates are usually charged monthly, weekly, daily or in some instances, there are separate charges for each guardrail, wheel or frame section. Rent for scaffolding systems will depend on the material used to make it and the size. Prices typically fall within the range of £XXX to £XXX daily or £XXX to £XXX weekly.
How is the cost of scaffolding calculated?
To arrive at the total cost, you need to multiply the daily rental charge by the amount of scaffolding required on your project.
Why is scaffolding necessary?
To ensure the safety of workers during the building or maintenance of a structure high up, the use of temporary platforms (scaffolds) becomes necessary.
When will I need permission to put up scaffolding?
If the structure falls within your property’s boundaries, then you won’t need permission or a license. On the other hand, if the structure will encroach on the pavement or the road outside your property, then you will need permission from the local council to erect the structure.
Do I really need scaffolding?
Some roofers will tackle minor repairs with a ladder or harness, but many will opt out of this unsafe option. The kind of work being done, the access needs, will determine whether a scaffold structure will be required.
How do I figure out what scaffolding solution I need?
You will need to note the height you will be working at. Height measurements require a high degree of accuracy, this measurement is known as the platform height. Scaffolding package quotes are based on the platform height.
What does work at height mean?
Working at heights refers to work carried out in areas where an individual faces the risk of injury from a fall, this could also be possible in work environments below ground level.
What is the minimum height for working at height?
There is no general standard, however, the HSE’s operational guide posits a minimum of 950mm for guardrail heights in non-construction environments. Protection that falls below this height will need justification via risk assessment.

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