Scaffolding For Construction In Uckfield

Ace Scaffolding Uckfield offers comprehensive scaffolding services, covering design, erection, and supply of all types of scaffolding. We specialise in all aspects of commercial scaffolding, temporary roofing, and residential re-roofing projects at affordable rates. Our reputation as professional scaffolders has been built on our commitment to deliver quality, cost-effective scaffolds for the construction industry. We operate in partnership with some of the biggest names in the construction industry.

We have a team of experienced scaffolding specialists ready to install scaffolding on construction sites in Uckfield. We’re capable of supplying you with the required scaffolding for the maintenance or construction of your projects. As a fully insured and CHAS accredited contractor, Ace Scaffolding offers a complete Health & Safety service for all your needs. Our team of experts are professionals who have completed numerous projects and also CITB accredited.

Residential Scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding offers a complete solution for your residential scaffolding needs. Ace Scaffolding has built a reputation as the highest quality provider of scaffolding services.

We ensure we provide cost-effective solutions that bring value as well as health and safety. We’ve built an extensive portfolio in the domestic scaffolding market to bring you 100% customer satisfaction. Our years of experience in the provision of affordable residential scaffolding services have gained us great credibility as premier scaffolders throughout Sussex.

We’re now regarded as one of the preferred companies for safe domestic scaffolding services for construction scaffolding in Uckfield.

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Commercial Scaffolding Service

Ace Scaffolding offers a wide range of commercial scaffolding and access projects designed to support diverse building and construction projects. We have years of experience providing scaffolding services for commercial and residential property renovations. We offer a scaffold hire service for small jobs as well as commercial scaffolding services for large or prolonged contracts, call us today on 01825 290 004 to get started.

Industrial Scaffolding Service

Ace scaffolding is an experienced provider of industrial scaffolding. Ace Scaffolding has built scaffolds for power stations, a steelworks hub, and warehouses, factories, and dozens of industrial estates. We can provide you with a wide range of scaffolding solutions to get your project done quickly and professionally.

Scaffolding Types

These are the construction scaffolding we offer:

Access scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding has the experience and expertise to provide you with system Access Scaffolds that meet your unique specifications and requirements. When designing access scaffolding the focus of our attention is on increasing safety and we ensure our designs come with reduced installation times to reduce time-on-site and make our scaffolds cost-effective.

Decorating Access

Our team of experts delivers the same level of expertise we provide multi-million-pound corporations to Uckfield tradies such as decorators and painters. In order to rebuild the inner and externally of Uckfield shops and homes, painting professionals and providers of related services are in great demand We’re a team of scaffolders that offers efficient scaffold platforms. Ace Scaffolding provides professional scaffold services that will suit any of your needs.

Internal Scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding specializes in internal scaffolding. Internal scaffolding can be used where ladders can’t safely and adequately get a job done. We use birdcages to make crash decks. We are specialists in designing internal scaffolding systems that keep people safe at height and prevent falls.

Temporary Roofs

We are always ready, willing, and able to provide a solution for your temporary roofing requirements. Over the years, we’ve gained massive amounts of experience in the erection of temporary roofs on diverse projects and construction sites.

Suspended Scaffolding

At Ace Scaffolding, you can count on our scaffolders for a job well done, properly performed, and at a price that will fit your budget. The Ace scaffolding team are highly skilled professionals who aim to provide the very best service to contractors, residents, and commercial premises.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction

Over Six Years Experience Unrivaled Experience An Exceptional Service Unbeatable Value For Money Industry-approved Scaffolders A Full Range of scaffolding Services Professional, Reliable, and Diligent 100% Safety and Satisfaction


Short & long-Term Scaffold Hire Services

We provide various scaffolding erection and hire services, both short and long-term. Ace Scaffolding has a range of experience in supplying and erecting scaffolding for new buildings, temporary roofs, timber frames, safety netting on both short and long-term contracts.

Scaffolding Construction

We deliver work platform towers and stairs for construction and demolition sites in the East Sussex area. Our knowledge in the field and the range of equipment we own help us guarantee efficient scaffolding solutions, in compliance with applicable health and safety standards. Built to the very highest standards, our towers and stairs are a perfect solution for building site scaffolding.

Scaffolding Supplies

Ace Scaffolding is a company that offers scaffolding supplies, whether you’re renovating your home or need a new framework for your industrial plant. Our versatility allows us to provide a broad range of scaffolds from simple support scaffolds to customized and complex framework scaffolds which are all TG20 compliant. Our scaffold supplies are of various types including mobile scaffold towers, aluminum scaffolds, and temporary roofing; all are available for hire.

Scaffolding Contractors

Due to more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we have become one of the most reliable scaffolding companies that are capable of erecting and dismantling tube and board structures. We have years of experience, so we are capable of erection tube and board structures of different sizes. We will make sure that you are guaranteed of the quality of work we’ll provide. We are always available for any inquiries regarding our services You will confirm our position as the first in erecting staging and towers in Eastbourne. Our service also expands to the greater East Sussex area.

Scaffolding Erection

Ace Scaffolding has mastered the art of erection and dismantling of the scaffolding. Our scaffolders are qualified personnel who undergo continuous training on health and safety. We are an experienced scaffold contractor that’s certified by the CITB. They have acquired years of experience in various projects professionally discharging their duties.

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Scaffold Design

Since you are here, you are probably in the process of renovating an existing building or building a new one. Ace Scaffolding Uckfield believes that there is no project too small to get our scaffolding. Ace Scaffolding is your first choice when it comes to scaffolding.

Access Equipment

Ace scaffolding Uckfield supplies and rents out all types of scaffolding. We will assist you with any project, no matter how big or small. Our goal is to ensure all our scaffolding products and services comply with the latest safety standards. Ace Scaffolding is a leading supplier of scaffolding and access equipment in the Uckfield area. We arrive quickly and work hard to complete your project successfully. Our building scaffold specialisations include temporary roofs, structural support, edge protection, and shoring scaffolding design.

Scaffolding Ladder

We offer a wide range of products from towers and ladders to all accessories you need to create your own scaffolding. We provide cost-effective solutions and save you time and money. Featuring all the benefits of tube fittings, these instruments are used for temporary scaffolding and fall protection scaffolds.

Why Choose Us


With over years of industry experience, Ace Scaffolding is one of the best scaffolding companies in Uckfield.

Unbeatable Service

We are one of the best scaffolding services around and we have the knowledge, skill and experience to prove it. We’re abreast of the latest technologies and innovations of the 21st century, especially in our industry. The scaffolding industry is an evolving one, with continual production of products that improve the erection and handling of scaffolds most safely and efficiently. Our team is ready to help you find the perfect scaffolding for your project and install it correctly!

Friendly And Honest Service

Ace Scaffolding has gained a good reputation and a loyal customer base through our high standards of work.

CSCS Trained Operatives

Our experienced and highly trained Ace scaffolding workmen are specialists in their field. Our scaffolding workmen are specialists in their trade and undergo relevant CSCS training every year, suitable to the work they do. Ace Scaffold is firmly committed to provide its clients with scaffolding access of the highest quality.

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Every Job Is Important

Ace Scaffolding has a long history as one of the most respected companies in our industry. Ace scaffolding offers the highest level of expertise, bespoke scaffold solutions and customer service. Our supply and erection of scaffold for projects cut across various sizes either at the front or back of a house, a block, or even a single flat; every job is important to us. Whether you’re a local builder or from across the country, we understand how important quality is to your business, and our high standards have endeared us to a huge network of builders in Uckfield. Indeed, Ace scaffolding is your destination in search of professionalism and reliability. We’re proud of every job we undertake. With more than XX decades of expertise and countless satisfied customers, we have become one of the most trusted scaffolding suppliers in Uckfield.

Competitive Rates

At Ace Scaffolding we aim to provide the safest scaffolding at affordable rates. Our team undergoes constant and frequent training in health and safety. Our staff are all C.I.S.R.S registered and have undergone continuous training in health and safety to ensure that you get the service you need.


We understand that your business needs an honest and accurate quote that is devoid of any hidden cost. Our company employs the latest SMART scaffolding technology to enhance the accuracy of our quotations.

Hire Rates

Compare us to our competitors; see for yourself why Ace scaffolding is one of the companies that provides scaffolding at the most affordable rates.

Contact Us

At Ace, we always work to the highest standards and ensure our work is completed with maximum efficiency, at competitive rates. If you’d like to get more information on our scaffolding services and our competitive rates, kindly contact any of our competent members of staff on 01323 315033 We don’t need to beat around the bush, our services are straightforward with no hidden charges! Our friendly team is happy to answer any queries you may have about scaffolding. We undertake site visits to discuss specific needs and offer technical advice, and we also provide comprehensive technical drawings for more complex projects.

Frequently asked questions

Is scaffolding important in construction?
Scaffolding is an important construct in construction sites. It helps to keep construction workers safe and thereby enhances productivity. By providing a safe and sturdy platform to work on, scaffolding increases safety and efficiency at work sites. An interesting fact about scaffolding is that it helps to provide balanced support for workers, thereby minimizing chances of accidents among them. Ace Scaffolding is a specialist scaffolding company, providing a professional solution to all your scaffolding requirements.
How should we calculate scaffolding?
The number of scaffolding sections to use for a given height is simply the height divided by the height of a scaffolding section. To calculate the number of scaffold sections needed for your project, multiply the number of columns by the number of rows.
What scaffold type is the most commonly used?
Supported scaffolding is one of the most common scaffold types. Supported scaffolds are built from the ground up, unlike suspended scaffolds.
How much does setting up scaffolding cost?
There are different types of scaffolding, ranging from a plank between two ladders to a large metal structure erected on a town hall building. The type of scaffolding you require will depend on the size and height of the building you’re working on. Give us a call and we can give you an idea of the cost of your scaffolding over the phone on 01323 315 033.
What are the types of scaffolding tags?
Ensure your scaffolding is safe to use. This equipment can be used by anyone who needs to tag a Scaffold and it will help them see if the scaffold has been properly inspected or not. After an inspection of a scaffold, safety tags are used. green tags are used when workers can begin using the scaffolding again, and red tags are used when maintenance and repair are needed.
How high can scaffolding be built?
It is recommended that the platform height should not be more than three times its smallest base dimension. It is applicable to a rolling tower use 3 to 1 as a rule of thumb. If scaffolding is built higher than the 3 to 1 rule level, it must be secured or guyed to avoid overturning.
How long does it take to erect scaffolding?
Ace Scaffolding is a leading provider of scaffolding throughout Uckfield. We provide all kinds of scaffolding, and it takes from 2 to 48 hours for us to erect one and get it ready for use.
Do roofers require scaffolding?
Working at height on a roof is a risky business, the proper steps should always be taken to protect yourself However, many roofers use a ladder and a harness for minor repairs to a roof, while some will only work on working platforms. It is recommended that you always scaffold when possible.
At what height is scaffolding needed?
If you have employees working at heights above 4ft, it is a requirement to protect them with safe methods of work. For heights above 6ft, they are required to use scaffolding in construction work.
How much weight can a scaffold carry?
If the scaffold is 35 square feet, and if each load is 25 pounds, 875 pounds can be loaded onto the scaffold.
What is the major benefit of scaffolding?
Scaffolding enables workers to reach the necessary height for a job. It is the safest way to remove objects from heights.
What are the scaffolding parts?
Three components make a scaffold, they are standards, transoms and ledgers. They connect a tube or long pipe (standard) to the ground.
How is scaffolding charged?
Scaffolding charges depend on the size of the scaffolding rental needed to transport a trailer load. Typical rates do vary, but you can expect to pay for the scaffolding in the rental rate, and there may be additional charges depending on the duration of hire.
Is a Scaffold Handover Certificate Legally Required?
No, the scaffold handover certificate is not a legal requirement.

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