Short Term Scaffolding Hire

If you want to find short-term scaffolding hire in Uckfield, look no further. Ace Scaffolding Eastbourne is here for you. With decades of experience in the scaffolding industry, we offer hire services covering everything from delivery to installation of the scaffolding system. Ace Scaffolding Uckfield delivers premium scaffolding equipment for hire at affordable rates. At Ace Scaffolding, we offer a wide range of scaffolding equipment for a wide variety of applications.

We can supply internal access platforms and bridge scaffolds. We can also provide scaffold towers. Regardless of your project scope, we can offer scaffolding solutions that suit your specific requirements. We promise to stick by your side and ensure that you are getting the best level of service possible. We offer the best scaffolding solutions around, covering commercial and even home improvement projects. The careful approach and attention to detail our expert scaffolders put into projects allows us to make each one a success. All we require is your specifications and will do the rest.

Ace Scaffolding Uckfield was built on the principles of reliability and professionalism. We are registered members of the Scaffolding Association and the CATV. Whether you need scaffolding erected now, or would like to plan ahead, we can get started with a free project estimate right away. We can come out to your site and assess your scaffolding needs, then we’ll give you a free written estimate. To determine the appropriate scaffolding solutions for your project, we can conduct a site inspection free of charge and offer a personalised cost estimate. Get in touch for your scaffolding needs today.

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The scaffolding services we offer at Ace Scaffolding Uckfield can be tailored to fit the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors.

Our Commercial Scaffolding Services

If you need scaffolding for commercial projects in Uckfield, Ace Scaffolding can help! For years we have been providing short-term scaffolding hire and specialist scaffolding solutions for a variety of commercial projects.

We are your go-to source, regardless of your project requirements. Our years of experience in the scaffolding business helps us offer quality scaffolding solutions for commercial projects in Uckfield.

Domestic Scaffolding Services

There are different types of scaffolding service providers. We have built a solid reputation for our business on the back of offering a professional service for all our projects. Our team has the experience and skills to provide you with industry-standard scaffolding services, no matter your domestic project requirements. We are just a call away. Our team of in-house scaffolders have the technical expertise to provide the appropriate scaffolding solutions to match your requirements. We have got you covered when it comes to scaffolding systems for roof work and other home renovations at heights.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction

Industrial Scaffolding Services

We offer premium scaffolding services to clients for their industrial projects in Uckfield. We can supply short-term scaffolding for industrial superstructures, including custom built models. Our services are flexible; we are happy to help if you need to keep the scaffolding for longer than planned or prefer to take it down early. When necessary, we can also provide more scaffolding to fulfil project requirements. Contact us today for more information.

Scaffolding Types

Customers in Uckfield choose Ace Scaffolding because of our prompt delivery. Some of the services we offer are:

Access Scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding is a reliable scaffolding provider supplying access scaffolding and custom-built work platforms for various projects. We guarantee the scaffolding solution we provide will be effective and safe.

We can supply the right scaffolding equipment for your project, including ropes, chutes, hoists, and wheels. At Ace scaffolding Uckfield, the access solutions we erect, supply and dismantle can be used by multiple or single tradesmen for secure access to hard-to-reach areas.

Decorating Access

Ace scaffolding Uckfield has been supplying high quality decorating access equipment to domestic, industrial and commercial clients in Uckfield, East Sussex for about 10 years.

Internal Scaffolding

Internal scaffolding is the go-to solution on projects where ladders are unsuitable. You can trust us when it comes to short-term internal scaffolding hire, as we have an excellent reputation for quality service. We use access equipment such as birdcages to create better access to areas on a worksite. We would be happy to offer you any advice or guidance you require regarding scaffolding.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice

Support Scaffolds

Our support scaffolds are highly durable and easy-to-assemble, making them suitable for all types of construction projects.

Temporary Roofs

Having temporary roofs in place provides you with peace of mind in terms of knowing that your building project will not be disrupted by the elements. Our temporary roofs ensure that your scaffolding project runs efficiently and safely.

If you’re looking for a weather resistant solution for your new construction, maintenance or renovations, get in touch now and let’s chat about your options.

Suspended Scaffolding

Our expert scaffolders design and erect suspended scaffolding equipped with well-placed access points. The quality of scaffolding contract service you get from Ace Scaffolding Uckfield is excellent from the moment you first contact us. The best way to stay safe on the construction site is to have experts assemble the scaffolding. For over YEARXX, we have worked on numerous projects; providing high-quality scaffolding solutions that make a difference. We can handle your project, no matter how big or small; our scaffolding experts can deliver the ultimate short-term hire experience.

Unique Bolted Construction

We prioritise safety on our scaffolds, which is why we incorporate guardrail posts as a form of edge protection. Our guardrail posts are typically 2ft scaffold tubes, connected to a steel plate. 35mm self-tapping fittings are used to fasten the steel plate onto a brick or concrete wall.

We use this bespoke guardrail post system along with traditional fittings and tubes to form edge protection at ground level, high-level roofs or canals around pits as well as in exclusion zones.

Scaffold Design

Our scaffolders have the necessary experience to create innovative designs for safe scaffolding systems that minimise the risk of work-related accidents for both tradesmen and the general public. Over the years, we have designed scaffolding solutions for multiple homeowners, businesses and industrial clients in Sussex. We create scaffolding designs for several types of access needs, ranging from small domestic projects to larger, more complex ones. Apart from providing scaffolding solutions and short-term equipment hire, we At Ace scaffolding Uckfield can also provide for your project property protection screens, rubbish chutes, lifts, hoists and more.

Protection Systems

We can provide several fall protection and prevention devices for work on high-rise structures, including stair access solutions, safety netting and guard rails.

Why Ace Scaffolding Uckfield?


Ace Scaffolding has extensive experience in the supply, installation, and dismantling of scaffold systems in and around Uckfield for over YEARXXX. Our industry-standard tools and modern techniques help us deliver premium scaffolding solutions that meet all worksite safety standards.

Friendly service

Our stellar track record keeps our customers loyal to our dedicated scaffolding services in Uckfield. Our scaffolding experts are friendly and always happy to provide scaffolding-related support throughout your project duration.

Quality Scaffolding

As a privately owned company, Ace scaffolding Uckfield takes its safety and that of our clients very seriously. We employ strict safety protocols and are proud to have maintained a record for trustworthy scaffolding services that comply with the latest health and safety guidelines in the industry. Our highly trained professionals at Ace scaffolding Uckfield deliver custom scaffolding hire solutions to meet the highest standards.

Competitive Prices

We provide quality solutions with an affordable pricing system for our short-term hire services in Uckfield. Our hire services aim to provide budget-friendly scaffolding solutions that ensure the utmost satisfaction. Short term scaffolding hire prices in Sussex tend to be calculated on a day hire basis. The total charge will consider delivery, and whether or not we install, dismantle, or conduct inspection checks on the structure. We supply our clients with accurate hire quotes and estimates for additional equipment and overruns if any.


We use trained professionals to provide quality service to ensure the safety of our scaffold structures. As one the leading scaffolding providers in Uckfield, we offer services that obey current safety rules and legislations.

Safety Standards

We treat each project with the same level of professionalism and commitment, we strive to achieve excellence in all our undertakings, big or small. We never compromise our integrity on any of our projects. Don’t hesitate to call when you need scaffolding-related advice.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice

Health and Safety

We appreciate the importance of health and safety; this is the reason why we never outsource our projects but always use in-house professionals. We can also conduct regular maintenance and inspection exercises on scaffolding structures. With every project, we submit a standard method and risk assessment statements. Our scaffolders are CITB-approved experts who undergo regular training on health and safety regulations in the scaffolding business.

Work Height

At Ace Scaffolding Uckfield, we can conduct independent inspections on scaffold structures that comply with 2005 Work at Height Regulations. If necessary, contact us to conduct this inspection. Despite not being a prerequisite, we supply handover certificates on work commission and decommission, after dismantling scaffolds.

Scaffolding Collection and Delivery

Ace Scaffolding Uckfield is strategically located to allow fast delivery within the greater Uckfield area.

Get in Touch with Us

We are always willing to give our clients a free no-commitment quote on short-term scaffold hire. Regardless of the size of your scaffolding requirements-large or small, or whether it is for commercial, domestic or industrial projects, if it is in Sussex, please give us a call to discuss the options we can provide.


How can I tell the height of scaffolding I need?
The height of scaffolding you need will depend on the working height you require for your project and the reach at which your tradesmen will be performing their work. The general rule of thumb is to ensure the scaffolding erected is at a comfortable height for the operator – that is, there is no stretching required.
What are the materials used for scaffold towers?
Steel and aluminium are two popular choices of scaffolding material. Even though steel scaffolding is the expensive choice, it offers better durability than aluminium making it an excellent choice for long-term projects. Aluminium, however, is a much cheaper option, and is better suited to short-term projects.
How long does it take to have scaffolding erected?
This is dependent on the type of scaffolding; it could be anywhere from 2 to 48 hours to assemble a scaffolding system.
Why scaffolding towers not ladders?
A scaffolding tower provides ample space for operators to work and even move equipment, whereas ladders have limited room and little to no manoeuvrability.
What is roof edge protection?
According to industry best practice guidelines and current legislation, if there is a risk of a fall when working at height, risk needs to be controlled. Edge protection (guardrails, temporary fall protection or safety rails) is a scaffolding barrier that is physically able to stop people, objects or materials from falling off openings, lift shafts, roof edges and so on.
Will I need a permit to have scaffolding erected?
Not in most situations. The only time you require a permit is if the scaffolding structure will encroach over highways, roads and pavements outside of private property. The scaffolding provider is in charge of collecting the permit from the appropriate local authority.
Is it possible for anyone to put up scaffolding?
Only trained contractors or builders can erect scaffolding systems. It requires relevant experience and an in-depth knowledge of health and safety standards to assemble scaffolding equipment.

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