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Ace Scaffolding is one of the top supported scaffolding equipment contractors providing scaffolding rentals at affordable prices and superb service delivery in Uckfield. At Ace Scaffolding we are committed to delivering industry-leading access and scaffold support services for our clients at Uckfield. We have the scaffold equipment and skills to manage any work area with our special, supported scaffolding systems, be it for a short-term or long-term project.

Regardless of where you are located in the Uckfield region, you can rely on our outstanding workforce made up of highly skilled and trained brickies, scaffolders, plant managers, and professional project supervisors. A broad variety of support services are backed up by our industry-leading scaffolding solutions. Contact us for more information today.

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Thinking of using a supported scaffolding platform?

Supported scaffolding is the type of scaffolding platform that comes to mind immediately when you hear the term scaffolding. Supported scaffolding is assembled from the ground up, along the side of the building, using materials such as metal tubes and couplings (quite popular in the UK) or wood and even bamboo scaffolding, which is mostly used in China.

Secured on both the ground and the side of the house, supported scaffolding is usually the best way to achieve elevation. It is also quite flexible.

That said, this sort of scaffolding system has to be right for the project that you have in mind and must be assembled and removed by skilled persons. People using supported scaffolds should also be trained in the potential risks and safety measures that is required to use it. Our highly trained employees at Ace Scaffolding have the expertise and safety experience to undertake work at any level, in any sector.

With our offices in the centre of Uckfield, we are available to work on any kind of construction or repair project. Ace Scaffolding is your go-to contractor for all the scaffolding equipment you need for your project, with tailor-made, prompt and attentive service. Get in touch for more detail.

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Why use supported scaffolding?

As with ladders, scaffolding platforms come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Each kind of scaffolding equipment has its own specific function and capabilities, which can be useful depending on the work situation. Two features that make scaffolding safer than the ladders for certain construction sites, are its solidity and height.

A standard ladder is narrow and has only two stands, thus they can be dangerous for carrying heavy equipment and for certain types of work. Supported scaffolding on the other hand has a lot of components, including multiple stands, posts, columns, frames, and so on, that make it the perfect option for working at height, as these components will keep the platform stable and safe all the time. The scaffolding system is then held in place by other forms of supports. The scaffolding is also assembled the right way and in compliance with all the regulations put together for use of scaffolding at project sites. Scaffolding can be used for a wide range of purposes, meaning that whether you are doing minor repairs at home or major construction, or even a new build project, a scaffolding will come in handy.

They are also quite easy to assemble and very easy to use. If you need supported scaffolding for your next project and want to discuss your requirements, please get in touch using 01825 290 004 to speak to one of our experts today.

The importance of choosing right

When working on any construction project, your workers may need the scaffolding platform for months, at least until the project is finished.

Making the right choice is important when it comes to scaffolding systems and scaffolding contractor. It is your responsibility to make your project safe and effective. Your scaffolding equipment must be able to cope with both weather conditions and the wear and tear from workers’ boots. If you make the mistake of choosing a wrong scaffolding platform, you can lose a lot of money due to incidents and delays. Moreover, whether you are purchasing or hiring, it is also important that you pick the right scaffolding contractor. When it comes to scaffolding, most construction firms tend to outsource construction scaffolding to a company with expertise. But a scaffolding contractor is in business to do more than just set up scaffolds for you.

In fact, there are a variety of services that a scaffolding firm provides that will play a vital role in the success of your project. They have trained personnel, for example, who will handle the scaffolding equipment, ensuring that everything is alright during the project. Poor workmanship can cause accidents, now or in the future, and as scaffolding is obviously one of the most dangerous aspects of project work, it is important that you choose a company that can provide a professional service. Your search ends here if you are searching for a reputable supported scaffolding contractor in the region. Whether you want the supported scaffolding or any other type of scaffolding platform, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free, non-binding quote today.

Look no further for a quality scaffold tower

As you can see, you need a proper scaffolding system for your next project, but where can you get what will meet your needs perfectly?

At Ace Scaffolding, we have experts who will work with you to understand your project needs and help you select from our range of reliable solutions. Our scaffolding comes with all the accessories you need — no expensive extras or hidden charges. We fulfil orders quickly and provide a free guarantee for the entire life of the project, which is why you should hire from us. Scaffolding can be made of steel, aluminium or both, but aluminium is the preferred choice for most uses. It is really easy to set up, carry around and uninstall aluminium scaffolding platforms.

They can be kept or used outside without any worrying about rust or corrosion. There are several types of supported scaffolds, including customised options and ready-to-use structures that just need to be set up. These types of scaffolds are perfect for short-term projects and for any construction that do not support suspended scaffolding. Note though, that there is a limit to how high supported scaffolding can go, which is why you should be sure of your measurements before commencing work.

As experts in the scaffolding business, we’re sure to assist with this. Ace Scaffolding will not only include design calculations, but will also help you decide the correct type of scaffolding and how to get the right option for your construction project. As you can see, Ace Scaffolding is the place to go to in the Uckfield area for your project scaffolding needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts to talk about your project requirements. Call 01825 290 004 today to talk to someone for your next project.

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We are your choice partner in Uckfield

Ace Scaffolding works with clients from start to finish of the project. We offer essential technical support and can also accompany you to meetings with consultants or carry out checks before commencement of the project. We will check that the scaffolding is installed in accordance with our designs and conforms to all applicable health and safety standards in the industry.

We will send our experts to the site to advise on safe operating procedures and to aid with risk assessment and management of the project at hand. Our more than 10 years of industry experience at Ace Scaffolding means that we are able to deliver the best scaffolding services in Uckfield; fast and reliable assembly and dismantling with full site support and a consistently impressive safety record. Every aspect of our services is geared towards complete customer satisfaction.

Our team of scaffolders are trained and employed by CITB, so you can be sure that everything related to your project will be handled with professional expertise, you can be assured of results that will satisfy you. In order to make our services as accessible as possible, our facility is strategically located in the centre of town, making it possible for us to provide fast response to call out services anywhere in Uckfield. Ace Scaffolding offers a wide variety of scaffolding solutions for small and large projects in the area, from temporary roof access, supported scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, and so on.

Here at Ace Scaffolding, we don’t play with the safety and security of our project sites. Our commitment to providing a safe and secure work environment is second to none, putting resources and safety measures in place to prevent incidents. There are many current regulations that apply to our industry, and as an organisation, we make sure to always stay on top of compliance with these rules and regulations at all times.

We have been part of some of the major projects in the area and have engaged in a number of projects for industrial clients ranging from banking, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and education. This way, we have developed a portfolio of happy customers across the Uckfield area. To see some of our past projects, take a look at our portfolio pages.

Competitive scaffolding prices in Uckfield

When considering scaffolding for your project, the cost of scaffolding is something you will have to look into. You may have prepareed a budget already and most times when it comes to things such as inspections and training, it doesn’t give much moving ground. However, you should look for a quality scaffolding contractor, not just any one. Prices vary widely from business to business and are influenced by a number of factors.

For instance, the type and size of scaffolding you need will determine how much you will pay, plus you may want to factor in the cost of inspections. Regardless, it is in your best interest to hire a reliable and reputable scaffolding company. It means that you will have the best choices available to you and that you will be able to create a stable platform that will keep your employees safe while they work. If you are looking for such a company, Ace Scaffolding offers some of the most competitive prices for scaffolding in the industry.

We recognize that everybody has a project budget, and we always aim to work within this budget to help our customers achieve their project objectives. Of course, this will not be possible in every case. We will sit down with you in situations like this to build a tailor-made plan that will work with your project and budget. That said, the fastest way is to first find out what your project will cost. Get started by requesting a free, non-binding quote today.  Why not start by asking today for a free, no obligation quote.

We offer the complete supported scaffolding service

Through our design experts, we offer a design package and the ability to consult our senior staff and managers on the pricing plans and how the work will be done.

Our services go beyond simply erecting and dismantling scaffolding platforms, as we also tailor-make our services to match the requirements of every customer. We are the favorite scaffolding supplier for most domestic and commercial customers at Uckfield, and the first place to visit when they need scaffolding equipment, for projects of any lengths. We have a personal and cordial relationship with many of our customers. We will be happy to partner with you from the planning stages of your project, and we have everything you will likely need to work on projects of any scale. We will look at what can go wrong, and put safety measures in place to ensure that expensive changes and delays are avoided. And furthermore, from the very beginning, we will ensure that you know what to expect, and there will not be any additional complications at all.

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At Ace Scaffolding, our experience, skills and resources mean that we are the right people to provide you with the excellent service you need for any project, starting from the planning stage, up until completion of the project. We believe in a transparent approach, which has helped us when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship with our customers, built on trust and loyalty, as shown by the high number of repeat businesses we enjoy. We take pride in being a part of the NASC and all our team members are committed to achieving results at all times. Ready to start with the best scaffolding contractor in Uckfield? To book your appointment, call Ace Scaffolding now. Call 01825 290 004 today.


Why must I use a scaffold for my project?

It is easier and safer to work on a scaffolding than to work from a ladder. It offers continuity, forms a large forum for work and allows challenging places to be easily reached. You will work faster and more efficiently when you don’t have to move a ladder all the time.

Do I need a scaffolding permit?

If your project extends to a public space or if the scaffolding will be erected over a public space, then you will need a scaffolding permit. The footpaths and motorways are covered here. In situations like these, agreements can be made to operate at off-peak hours, so that a permit can be granted. We may help you arrange the application process for this permit as a reputable scaffolding company, but you will need to make sure it has been planned for and delivered before work begins.

Can scaffolding be moved?

There should be no movement of scaffolding equipment from one position to another.  But if your project demands a platform that can be moved about, then you can go for a mobile scaffolding platform. This type of scaffolding has wheels that make them easy to move when needed.

To erect scaffolding myself, what should I know?

We advise our clients to employ scaffolding professionals to ensure that their scaffolding is secure and stable. Working at heights poses many dangers and experts are well trained in the building of all kinds of scaffolding.

How long can I have the scaffolding for?

You will have it for the duration of your project as soon as you hire the scaffolding. However, we will talk about your project deadline with you first, in order to be able to provide the right quote.

How quickly can the scaffold go up and come down?

From your initial contact, we will do our utmost to work on your project timeline with respect to the installation of your work. It doesn’t matter whether yours is a short or long-term project, we are customer oriented and can guarantee reasonable turnaround times.   We enjoy the opportunity to show our customers what we can do. Removal of scaffolding, however, may rely on the size of the job and your location, but we always do our best to remove it as soon as possible, and at a suitable time.

Will scaffolding damage my property or garden?

We want our clients to be comfortable, and when constructing the scaffolding, our employees are very aware of preventing harm to your property or garden. Of course, accidents do happen, but when it does, we will fix any damage, so that you property retains its original look and feel.

Do employees working on supported scaffolds require training?

To understand the risks associated with the type of scaffold being used and how to minimize those risks, all workers must be trained by a professional individual.

How safe is scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a solution to many problems associated with safe access, providing a safe way of access to places that are hard to reach. It is the choice method for access to high areas, especially for big projects or work that requires lots of workers, heavy equipment or lots of materials.

How much does scaffolding cost?

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