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We provide quick turnaround for scaffolding tenders and hire quotations for refurbishment projects and new build constructions. Contact 01825 290 004 at any point of the day, and our specialist scaffolders will get back to you quickly to address your needs and the related estimates of the project.

Before getting scaffolding services for your project, you should understand the factors influencing its cost; let’s explore scaffolding types and typical size estimates for projects.

What is scaffolding?

Scaffolding consists of a temporary frame made from stainless steel poles that are situated horizontally and vertically to provide easy access, much similar to a Meccano giant set — and then laid out with wooden walk boards. Scaffolding is a versatile structure; it is adaptable for use in hard-to-reach areas and narrow spaces, such as chimneys.

Why do you need scaffolding?

According to the current health and safety legislation in the UK, it is now mandated that tradesmen use scaffolding platforms for access when working at height. This means the use of ladders is approved for quick jobs. For long project work at heights, scaffolding is now the legal requirement. If you want to do jobs like the painting of external walls, roofing jobs, window replacements and fascias and so on, scaffolding is a must. Access structures make it easy for heights and inaccessible areas to be reached during construction work.

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They are essential for renovations, painting work, tile replacement, new building construction, and roofing jobs. Scaffolding is the ideal way to get the job done. Erecting scaffolding helps you finish the job safely. It provides access to those elusive areas of your building. In addition, scaffolding allows your professionals to conduct work quickly and in a more efficient manner, which saves money and time.

Most construction workers use scaffolding because of the heavy liftings involved in construction sites such as steel beams. Scaffolding eliminates the need to transport materials from place to place because materials and supplies can be placed on the scaffolding before work begins.

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How does scaffolding work?

Scaffolding is assembled using poles arranged vertically and horizontally to form the ultimate support pattern. Wooden boards are then laid on the pole. This is referred to as lifts or levels. For projects that require numerous lifts, more horizontal poles or walking boards can be added. Doing this increases the time taken to assemble the scaffold and the overall cost.

Safety handrails and access ladders are standard requirements for scaffolds. Professional scaffolders with the relevant equipment and skill should erect scaffolding structures and also manage any issues that arise with the scaffolding structure. Most modern scaffold systems are versatile and can be used in areas where access is difficult, or around narrow spaces like around chimneys.

What are the common uses for scaffold?

Because of the current amendment to health and safety legislation in the UK, tradespeople now have to use scaffold platforms and access equipment for all kinds of work at height projects – prolonged use of ladders is now restricted. So, for situations where it is impossible to reach positions or for work in hard-to-reach areas, scaffolding platforms or towers will now be the norm. Scaffolding makes the construction process safer; it prevents accidents during renovation or construction work on high-rise buildings. The ease of use makes scaffolding the top health and safety option for working at heights.

Can anyone erect scaffolding?

Professional scaffolders design, erect, and dismantle scaffolding under the supervision of health and safety experts. This is enforced by the work at height regulations of 2005. Your insurance is rendered null and void if it is installed by unskilled and unqualified personnel. So, before hiring a scaffolding company, please ensure that they have the relevant experience and are highly trained.

What is the cost of hiring scaffolding in Uckfield?

The price of scaffolding services is influenced by multiple factors. Pricing for small projects starts from £XXX. We are committed to giving clients the best scaffolding experience, so we offer fairly-priced services to both domestic and commercial clients. You can get a quick, free quote for our scaffolding services on request.

How is the cost of scaffolding hire calculated?

At Ace Scaffolding, our scaffolding is hired out for a set period of time, which is usually 4 weeks. After this period has passed, the hire attracts an extra fee which is charged weekly. Long-term projects may attract extra fees if the project exceeds the set completion time.

What are the elements that influence the price of scaffolding hire?

There are various factors which affect the price of scaffolding hire. For one, the project type will greatly affect the price.

These factors may affect the price of scaffolding hire:

  • The dimensions of the scaffolding structure
  • If a  a scaffolding pavement license  is required and its cost
  • The number of scaffolding levels required
  • The number of walkways to created on the lifts/levels
  • The location of the project site
  • If customised designs or access equipment are required
  • If beams will be needed

Scaffolding hire cost increases as long as the scaffold remains standing. The best time to assemble scaffolding is at the start of the project. Remember to only choose a scaffolding company that can quickly deliver, and also schedule for the installation in advance. The key idea is to spend on what you are using at the moment – which means paying for the scaffolding that is being used.

What information should you put down when requesting scaffolding hire?

When you are requesting for a scaffolding quote, we recommend that you fill in as much detail as possible. Essential information such as the location where the scaffolding is to be erected, the nature of the project etc should be communicated to the scaffolding company. If necessary, include site photographs for extra details. With this detailed information, we can give you an accurate quote, and it will include a comprehensive price breakdown for your project’s scaffolding. To ensure that your quote is more precise, we will gladly give you a free site survey.

What are the types of scaffolding and services available for hire?

  • Access scaffolds
  • Chimney stacks scaffolds
  • Conservatory scaffolds
  • Crash decks/birdcage platforms
  • Edge protection handrails
  • Exterior scaffolding
  • General scaffolding dismantling and erection
  • Independent scaffold
  • Interior scaffolding
  • Loading bays
  • Rubbish chutes
  • Staircases
  • Temporary scaffolds
  • Tower scaffold

We can deliver these scaffolding services for either residential, commercial or industrial projects. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with our specialists or to get the ideal access platform for your projects.

What kind of scaffolding do I need?

At Ace Scaffolding, we not only provide safe scaffolding solutions, our specialists will also give you free advice throughout your project if you are confused about the scaffolding needs of your project and to ensure maximum worker safety. We will work with you to help you understand what your scaffolding hire requirements are – be it access scaffolding, traditional scaffolding, internal scaffolding, and so on – we will offer you our professional advice.

At Ace Scaffolding, we strive to help you resolve scaffolding-related issues. We aim to proffer creative solutions to your project’s obstacles. At Ace Scaffolding, we make sure to excellently deliver a comprehensive array of scaffolding solutions on every project, whether small or large.

Regardless of how complex your requirements are, we can meet them. As renowned scaffolding contractors in Uckfield, our main focus is to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and consistently provide high-quality services.

Will I need to get permits for scaffolding?

You may need a permit to install a scaffolding structure if your location falls within certain areas in Uckfield. Your scaffolding contractor is responsible for obtaining all relevant permits. We recommend you re-evaluate your choice of contractor if they are unwilling to obtain a permit for you. Now that we have covered the scaffolding basics, let’s consider cost estimates for your scaffolding projects. We are willing to provide you with free scaffolding estimates in person or online.

For a lot of projects, metal scaffolding that comes with wooden boards are the industry standard. You can see some of our completed works by looking through our gallery. If you find a sample that is similar to what your project needs, we can discuss the costs with you to provide an idea of what you should be budgeting for your own project. The following questions will help you get an idea of the costs of scaffolding, but a better option is to give us a call on 01825 290 004.

Frequently asked price related questions:

Why Is Ace Scaffolding Uckfield The Right Choice?

Vast scaffolding experience

Ace Scaffolding’s experts have 10 years’ experience designing, installing, and disassembling scaffolding for numerous projects. We have experience working on projects in the domestic, industrial and commercial sectors.

Safety first

Ace Scaffolding’s professionals in Uckfield use best practice to erect and dismantle scaffolding; each project complies to health and safety regulations, creating a safe work environment.

Quick response times

We deliver friendly and fast scaffolding hire services to our clients professionally, at very reasonable prices. Competitive pricing With our competitively priced scaffolding in Uckfield, you get exceptional value for money on hire, supply, erection and additional scaffolding services.

Excellent reputation

We have built a good relationship with all our clients, thanks to our reliable, fast, efficient and trustworthy services. We leave all our clients satisfied after dealing with us, that’s why the bulk of our work comes from referrals.


We are registered under the CITB and members of the SSIP. We are valued members of the NASC and are Scaffolding Association audited members. Give us a call today to get a free quote. As a top Uckfield scaffolding contractor, Ace Scaffolding delivers high-quality scaffolding services and equipment hire.

We aim to provide affordable scaffolding services for your projects. Our scaffolders are fully trained and deliver excellent services that match scaffolding industry standards. We offer the ideal balance of competitive pricing and premium product delivery.  To get started, please call 01323 315 033 or send an email to us at

Can I get scaffold product information or technical information, when I request it?

We deliver all our scaffolds with complete technical and product information. Additionally, our scaffolds are delivered by skilled personnel using meticulous drop-off procedures and they provide all the necessary technical and safety information needed to use the scaffolding structure. In most cases, we erect and dismantle the scaffolding ourselves.

When should I expect delivery?

We deliver your order within one working day. Larger orders and unique orders are dispatched within 2-5 working days.  For urgent deliveries please send us an email at, and we will try to hasten your request. Alternatively, you can come to pick up your goods at our scaffolding depot in Uckfield.

Can I specify a delivery time or day?

Definitely! Just send an email to us or call us to discuss your project timeline. We’ll handle your order as a special delivery and call to confirm the delivery day via email or phone. For special deliveries where there are service restrictions, we charge extra. In addition, if you are unavailable to receive and sign for your delivery, we will charge you again.

What is the cost of delivery?

The cost of delivery depends on the size, length and weight of your order. Another factor that influences the cost of delivery is the postcode. We provide you with the most reasonable delivery option in line with your budget; our services are transparent and reliable. We are based in Uckfield, which makes us the ideal choice for delivering scaffolding within the area.  We can provide scaffolding-related information and guidance whenever you need it. Get in Touch With us for Your Scaffolding Hire Quotes

We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice Where Needed

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