Residential Scaffolding in Uckfield

Looking for a prompt, reliable, and friendly scaffolding service for your home in Uckfield? Ace Scaffolding provides an affordable scaffolding solution for your building expansion, painting, chimney, fascia and soffits work, roofing, loft conversion, new building construction and home repairs. Our staff are well trained and have a tremendous amount of residential scaffolding experience as well. Every scaffolding solution we deploy, we do so using high-quality materials and at reasonable prices.

Scaffold hire

Ace Scaffolding are the leading scaffolding providers in Uckfield. Whether it is short- or long-term hire, we have all kinds of scaffold installations and scaffold hire services. We offer a full range of scaffold hire services at highly competitive prices. We have a first-class team of scaffolders that are all fully CITD trained so that we can offer a high level of workmanship and safety at affordable prices.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction


Ace Scaffolding has what it takes to deliver scaffolding solutions to residential clients in the Uckfield area. We have built our business on professional craftsmanship and the experience of our competent staff. We make sure that all projects are completed on time, within the approved budget, and in line with relevant industry standard practises. Our more than 10 years of work experience in the area means we are one of the top favourites for scaffolding in Uckfield.

Residential scaffolders

Our well-trained team combined with our attention to detail has made us the go-to contractors for scaffolding needs in the Uckfield’s domestic market. Our scaffolders go through continuous training evaluations and skills tests.

This has enabled us to produce some of the best Uckfield scaffolding teams.  Our people are well versed in all types of scaffolding systems. We understand that the concept of one-size-fits-all rarely works in today’s job site. Our people have been working in the industry for many years and know everything there is to know about scaffolding. You can trust us.

As one of Uckfield top scaffolding companies, we understand the importance of safety, which is why we make sure that all our scaffolders are extremely competent and work to the highest safety standards.

Residential scaffolding services

Hundreds of domestic clients regularly rely on our safe and secure scaffolding services. We are known all over the area for providing not just quality scaffolding, but also budget-friendly services, and this has built our reputation as the go-to scaffolding contractors in Uckfield. We can work on contracts of any size and ensure the same standard of competence on any project, large or small.

We tailor our services to meet the needs of the customer – whether you need your premises to be redecorated or a domestic customer needing to provide safe access to construction workers carrying out external refurbishment works – our scaffolding services are built around your needs and the timeframe of the project as a whole.

Scaffolding Types

We offer our customers expert scaffolding solutions, be it for residential, industrial and commercial type. Our services also include access to bespoke work and scaffolding supports.

Scaffold Design & Planning

Where appropriate, we provide a scaffold engineering and design service, and accept both domestic and commercial works regardless of scale.  We deliver a comprehensive scaffold design, erection and dismantling service for commercial and private customers throughout Uckfield and surrounding areas. Our full scaffold design service including drawings and plans. And if your project requires a completely unique solution, we will be happy to work with you to achieve what you need for the work you have.

Scaffolding for Extensions

Our products and services in the Uckfield area includes scaffolding hire, wood framed homes, temporary roofs, marine scaffolding, expansions, new buildings, and many other projects. Our professionals have been in the industry for more than 10 years, with services ranging from small repairs to large-scale re-roofing works and many more, serving commercial and domestic clients on any form of construction process.

We are so well known in town and do our work so well that we get a lot of repeat business from satisfied homeowners who have used our services in the past. We provide the ideal range of scaffolds and towers all of which would be suitable for roofing repairs, building extensions, painting and chimney stack repairs.

Scaffolding for New Builds

From temporary roofs to new builds, the team at Ace Scaffolding offers sturdy scaffolding for construction projects at very competitive prices. For your temporary roofs and covers, repairs, and new build sites, get your durable scaffolding solutions from us.  Our expertise in providing custom built scaffolding is what you need when you have any  types of domestic works, such as building renovations, new houses, and renovations.

Access Solutions & Confined Spaces

We provide a broad variety of fall protection and prevention solutions for working on high-rise structures, such as stairways solutions and safety netting for guard rail systems.  It doesn’t matter where you require access solutions, we will have the knowledge and experience to match you with the perfect access tower for the job.

Birdcage Scaffolding

We can deliver a wide range of scaffolding solutions ranging from new build projects in the commercial sector to temporary roofing, renovations, chimney stack repairs, edge protections, crash decking, and also birdcages.

From erecting birdcage scaffolding to performing scaffolding checks or removing access towers all in Uckfield, we want our customers to be 100% happy with the scaffolding services we offer as we ensure that all services are performed to the highest standard.

Birdcage scaffolding facilities will aid roof and plaster maintenance in large premises since the frame is built within the house allowing the tradesmen a sturdy surface to work from. Birdcages can also be used as crash decks when constructing new buildings to keep workers from falling into the building.

Chimney Scaffolding

Modern scaffold systems are very versatile and can be used in narrow spaces or areas that seem almost impossible to reach such as around chimneys, and our range of residential scaffolding includes birdcage scaffolding, tower scaffolding, and chimney scaffolding. We have people on ground who are willing to offer any help you need.

Temporary Roofs & Coverings

We offer temporary roofing solutions and scaffoldings for residential projects located in or around Uckfield, supported by our in-depth knowledge of the Scaffolding Industry.

Our professionally qualified team can guarantee the best quality scaffolding for any project you are working on. Should you need quality scaffolding built and installed by qualified professionals, then feel free to contact us.


Short term scaffold hire

Anywhere you are in Uckfield, we can supply all sorts of access scaffolding equipment, scaffolding fencing and groundwork solutions for short term contracts. Our operations are quite adaptable and designed to suit just what the client needs for their project.

Long term scaffold hire

We can deliver long-term hires of access scaffolding equipment for different customers irrespective of project size. No matter where in Uckfield you are, up to the A27 road, you will find us delivering our well-appreciated scaffolding services.

scaffolding supplies

We can provide the supplies, erect the scaffolding, and completely dismantle it once the job is completed. We also supply the acrow platforms & scaffolding boards, as well as lightweight alloy towers builders’ trestles ladders. All the needed equipment are available for hire & sales.

scaffolding construction

In addition to the many years of experience gained while operating in the field, our team of scaffolding professionals have been accredited by the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme. With our trademark touch of professionalism, we execute our work excellently, giving our customers the confidence that we can fulfill their needs of competent design and construction.

Shrink Wrapping

We ensure your construction project is secured from damage by rain, as we use our effective waterproof shrink wrapping system on your site. No down time due to inclement weather. You will complete your work on schedule, workers no longer using bad weather as an excuse to slow down your work.

Commercial scaffolding

Commercial scaffolding is a major part of our business here at Ace Scaffolding, providing industry standards to our clients. With years of experience in the commercial scaffolding and painting sectors, you can rest assured our scaffolding is of the highest quality and safe.

Industrial Scaffolding

We have become the go-to choice for industrial scaffolding in Uckfield, thanks to our over 10 years of work in the region. We have been in the business of developing and deploying bespoke scaffolding solutions for industries in the area for years, giving you and your workers the access you need to get the job done.

Mobile Scaffolding

We deliver mobile tower scaffolding services at Uckfield. You can count on us to provide the very best in quality scaffolding services. You should be assured that our scaffolding will go beyond your expectations and demands as one of the fastest growing scaffolding companies with professionally qualified installers and a large supply of materials.

Scaffolding contractors

Ace Scaffolding is one of the Uckfield’s most well regarded independent scaffolding contractors. We are professionals in long-term maintenance contracts for residential and industrial services and fast track building projects, particularly where scaffolding platforms are required.

Scaffolding erection

We are also able to assist with the assembly and dismantling of working access or DIY project scaffoldings. It is our responsibility to ensure that the scaffolding is erected in the right place and at the right configuration so that the work is done without delay.

Scaffold design

As a result of our years of experience building scaffolds for special projects in Uckfield, Ace Scaffolding has grown to become specialists in developing innovative model designs that can suit the requirements of any project with unique demands.  We design with AutoCAD, but every design can also be viewed in 3D so that you can see what it will look like in real life.

Access equipment

When it comes to hiring access equipment, we will install and supply access scaffolding and work platforms customised to your exact needs, giving you the cheapest, yet most effective solution.



All our people are highly trained and have the relevant certifications to work in the industry, including the CISRS and CITB certifications. The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) regulates our professional team of CSCS cards carrying scaffolders.

Quality scaffolding

We believe that a good business is not only friendly, reliable, and efficient but should also deliver quality workmanship together with competitive prices that you can rely on. We are one of the most popular scaffolding equipment providers for a growing variety of local councils and social housing organisations, all of which trust us to deliver professional service.

Competitive prices

We are successful in our industry because we are committed to the success of the project of our clients, we offer quality services, and do all these at really reasonable prices. If you want scaffolding solutions delivered by qualified people but also want to enjoy competitive pricing, please get in touch with us here at Ace Scaffolding.

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Qualified specialists

Our team members are well qualified and perform high standard work backed by our insurance. We have continued to offer reliable scaffolding hire services over the years, and it has helped our customers to safely work at heights in building projects. We do all that with the expertise of our experienced professionals in the industry. Our business revolves around meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients, while making sure that health and safety is paramount at their sites.

Emergency Service

We are available to provide immediate assistance to residential customers at any time of the day.  We specialise in emergency shoring support work and temporary roofing. With our facility well positioned in the centre of Uckfield, you can count on fast response to call outs. So, regardless of whether you are a private customer or business that requires emergency assistance, you can count on Ace Scaffolding for help.

Safety Standards

We do all our work with excellence and in compliance to industry standards of safety and effectiveness, in order to produce excellent results for you.


Our team of workers are qualified and certified in line with the industry’s expectations and standards. Our work processes comply with all safety legislation and health standards, so when we work with you, you can have peace of mind.

Work height

The health and welfare of our workers, our customers and the entire public is our most important priority. We pay attention to problems that can occur with scaffolds and take steps to prevent them before they occur.

Health & safety

Health & Safety encompasses all our operations and we meet every relevant legal requirement. We work with highly experienced Scaffolder’s and comply with the current TG 20 standard, at the same time making sure that all projects will always be completed on time with the highest health and safety standards.


Every project is different and requires a whole different approach, and this will to a large extent determine the cost of scaffolding. The cost of the service can also be affected by how you will need the scaffolding system and the sophistication of the installation process. Please get in touch to request a free quote today.

Public liability

We are a responsible company and so are properly covered by employer liability and public liability insurance. We treat the health and welfare of our workers, clients and the general public with total commitment here at Ace Scaffolding. Little wonder since 10 years, we have been one of the leading scaffolding suppliers to the local government and the public sector.

Hire rates

We will be happy to assist you with a free quote and also provide free consultancy services so that you can know everything there is to know about your proposed project. If you are planning any kind of domestic residential or commercial building project, our affordable yet professional scaffolding services can help ensure your project is completed safely and on time.

Delivery rates

Our hire rates and delivery charges are some of the best in the scaffolding hire industry. When you employ us to manage the delivery of scaffolding facilities, you can be assured that our scaffolding management team would propose a suitable plan for completing any project scale.


To find out more about the full extent of our scaffolding services please do give us a call on 01825 290 004 to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Do you have to be qualified to erect scaffolding?
While tag systems are not a legal requirement, the law requires scaffolding inspection from which a person can fall 2 meters or more, and a report from a competent person, upon completion and at least weekly afterwards.
Can anyone erect a scaffold tower?
The scaffold tower selected must be capable of meeting the requirements of the job, only experienced professionals who are trained and qualified should mount and remove the scaffold. There are many firms providing training for the safe erection of scaffold towers and their use.
How long does Scaffolding take to erect?
Depending on the form of scaffolding, assembly may take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days.
At what height do I need a scaffold?
For people working in the general industry, scaffold height should be at least 4 feet above the lower level, while in construction, the height must be 6 feet above the lower level. You should put fall protection on your scaffolding at minimum 10 feet.
How high can a tower scaffold go?
A zip up tower, also called a mobile access tower will give you a secure, free standing surface on which you can work between 10 and 12 meters.
How much does it cost to rent scaffolding?
The cost of renting a scaffolding facility varies, and the charges can be on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, or even per frame, per section or the entire scaffolding equipment.
Do you have to tie off on a scaffold?
When using a suspended scaffolding system, it is recommended that any time you use it, you tie off. If you are working on a one or two-point suspension scaffolding, you must be tied off to a safety mechanism to protect you from falling or an anchor point that is not attached to the scaffold on which you’re working.
How much weight can a scaffold hold?
Three persons (estimated at 250 pounds each) and 125 pounds of tools, materials, and equipment can be used on the scaffold.
What is the minimum weight scaffold planking must be able to support?
Scaffold planking must be capable of carrying its own weight and support an intended load that’s four times as heavy.
Can you scaffold in the rain?
It is not advisable to do any work on scaffolding when it is raining unless you have received the relevant training. You should also avoid using a scaffold during adverse weather such as heavy rain, sleet, ice snow or strong winds.
At what height do you need to wear a safety harness?
Currently, the law requires that employers provide fall protection for construction workers on a walking or working surface with an unprotected edge that is 6 feet or more above a lower level.
How can I prevent falls while putting up scaffolding?
Using an advanced guard rail system can prevent slips during the construction of scaffolding. Where this is not possible, employees should wear harnesses to protect them should they fall.

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